Don’t Skip the Appetizers: Why Appetizers Are Important in a Meal

If you’ve already decided on visiting us at Bourbon & Bones for a lovely, stimulating, delicious meal, you may have already decided on which main course you’re about to enjoy. After all, we offer an extensive menu that definitely includes some of your favorite tasty dishes. But you shouldn’t simply jump to the main course just yet. Start with an appetizer—they’re not only enticing, but they’re actually important to appreciating and relishing your meal. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t skip the appetizers. 

  1. Increase Your Appetite

An appetizer can help you with satiation—that is, you will feel more satisfied and full when the meal is over. Everyone has had this experience at least once: you’re desperately hungry by the time you sit down in the restaurant, and when your meal arrives, you can’t help but stuff it in your face. Well, first off, you haven’t really savored your main course, and even though you’ve just eaten a huge burger or a whole aged porterhouse steak, you may still feel hungry. You’ve eaten so quickly that your brain hasn’t caught up with your stomach. 

However, if you order an appetizer while you wait for your main course, things will turn out differently. An appetizer is meant to take away your sense of hunger so you may slowly savor your entree when it arrives. If you luxuriate in the taste and texture of your food, your stomach will also have plenty of time to catch up to your brain. At the end of the meal, you’ll feel fully satiated and far more comfortable. Eating too quickly also has the unfortunate side effect of making you feel bloated. When you eat speedily, you swallow air, which causes gas. Better just to start with an appetizer, right? 

  1. Showcase Creativity and Variety

The creation of an appetizer can often be compared to an art form. Our senses are interrelated, so a dish that looks beautiful tends to taste better than a dish that doesn’t. If the presentation of an appetizer appeals not just to your senses of taste and smell but also looks pretty, it will taste even better. 

On top of that, there’s something to be said for appetizers that try something a little different. You’re probably familiar with standard appetizers at other restaurants and steak houses, but the appetizers here have a little twist that shows our chefs really enjoy playing around with flavors. For instance, it’s safe to say you’ve eaten fried shrimp before, but have you tried our Fried Pesto Shrimp? The shrimp itself is quite a treat, and on top of it, you’ll enjoy our special pesto and sriracha mayo for a little kick, as well as peppers to cleanse that palate. 

  1. Try a Little Something New

Maybe you see something interesting on the menu, but you’re not sure you’re going to enjoy a whole meal of it. For instance, if you’re not certain about seafood, maybe ordering an entire entree is more risk than you want to take. However, if you look at the appetizer menu, there are several seafood choices you can make without breaking the bank or having leftovers you don’t want. Plus, an appetizer is a small dish that is easily shared with the table, so if you aren’t as fond of the dish, you can share it with others without feeling guilty about letting anything go to waste! 

And if you can’t decide on an entree, you can even make a meal out of several appetizers. What better way than to try them all? 

  1. Different Types of Appetizers

It can be a thing of joy to plan out several courses in a meal. Here at Bourbon & Bones, we’re known for our steaks and our drink menu, but there are many other dishes you’ll be excited to choose from. But you may not be able to order all different kinds of entrees in one meal—so what if you order an appetizer to expand your experience without going overboard? If you’ve set your heart on a steak for dinner, you can choose a variety of appetizers that are completely different from a steak and the sides that come with it. 

In addition, there are different kinds of appetizers—not just the finger food you might be used to, but the appetizer category includes soups and salads, and we have a variety of those as well. Going back to our second point, there are many different colors, shapes, and textures in our appetizer menu, so whatever you order, there’s definitely going to be a beautiful variety to delight in with your tablemates. 

  1. Appetizers Abound at Bourbon & Bones

Above all, appetizers are important in a meal for all these reasons, but also because the ones we craft for you are original, delicious, and made with the highest quality ingredients. We would be remiss if we didn’t point out our appetizers here—maybe it will whet your appetite. 

Our salads are made from the freshest local ingredients and combine flavors in new delectable ways. To start, our House Salad is alive with flavor: apples, candied pecans, and dried cranberries add a fruity touch, along with a cherry vinaigrette and a spring mix. Or maybe you’re feeling like starting with beef instead: our Prime Beef Skewers are made of prime beef tip and sauteed with cipollini onions to add a sweet flavor. They’re served with bell peppers and topped off with garlic butter. Your tastebuds will rejoice. 

If your tastes range more toward fruit, why not try our Bleu Cheese Stuffed Medjool Dates? Of course there’s the bleu cheese, but the bacon and salted Marcona almonds add an extra little crunch, and the Banyuls reduction gives it a saucy and refined finish. 

Check out our menu here, where you can also see selections from our raw bar. Take a look at what goes into our ceviche or be tempted by our Alaskan King Crab Legs. You can even enjoy an appetizer of lobster tail and atomic horseradish—not for the faint of heart but delicious when you take the plunge.

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