Steak Any Way You Like It When You Visit an Arizona Steakhouse

There’s nothing like sitting down to a perfectly cooked and rich, flavorful prime bone-in ribeye steak after a long day at the office. Add a hearty, flavorful side and your choice of bourbon or whiskey to the steak, and you’re golden. In fact, at Bourbon & Bones, you can get your steak any way you like it when you visit our Arizona steakhouse. Whether ribeye, New York strip, or a prime porterhouse, there’s an array of cut meats to whet any appetite. That said, what are all the different cuts of meats, and when visiting our Arizona steakhouse, how do you choose just one? 

We’d like to welcome you to a more in-depth look at the gorgeous cuts we offer so the next time you’re our guest, you know exactly what you’ll be having. 

All of our featured cuts are USDA Prime and Certified Angus Beef. This means that all the meat we offer is not only of absolute top quality (Prime rating), but it is certified to be Angus Beef. Angus Beef is the brand of cattle that we choose to carry because of the consistent quality, taste, and texture. You will have a meal that features a cut of meat that will be tasty, tender, and juicy. 

Bone-In Cuts 

Prime Bone-In New York Strip 

The Prime rating is only given to about 4 to 5 percent of all beef in the US, as the standard for marbling is incredibly high. Prime Bone-In New York Strips are usually a customer favorite. Leaving the bone in this luscious cut of meat allows for flavor enhancement when it is being cooked. Not only does the flavor astound, but the appearance on the plate looks pretty nice too. 

Prime Tomahawk Ribeye 

The Tomahawk version of a bone-in ribeye is impressive both in flavor and presentation. These steaks are larger ribeyes and have been kept on the bone and are virtually big enough for two people to enjoy. Again, the bone is kept in, not only for the aesthetic but the flavorful addition. When the heat of the stovetop cooks the meat, there are extra juices that are released into the surrounding meat. The Prime Tomahawk Ribeye is known for its buttery flavor, making it one heck of a rich steak. 

Dry-Aged Pork Chop 

The dry-aging of pork creates a deep flavor that reminds some of uncured bacon. The flavor is joined by an incredible umami aroma and is more tender than the standard counterpart. Often, beef can be dry-aged longer, as there is higher water content, but a dry-aged pork chop will satiate and satisfy. 

Prime Bone-In Ribeye 

Sometimes referred to as a cowboy ribeye, the Prime Bone-In Ribeye is a beacon of flavor and tenderness, with rich marbling that entices the senses. This cut is thick and comes from the upper rib cage area. It’s butchered to leave a rib bone in for added savory flavor. The bone-in brings forth a juicier, more evenly cooked steak that cowboys and beyond can enjoy. 

Prime Porterhouse 

The Prime Porterhouse has the renowned T-shaped bone, as it is cut from the rear part of the short loin. This is another thick steak that is known for being juicy, flavorful, and tender. This cut is carefully trimmed to include more tenderloin steak with some strip steak. This means that diners can enjoy a bigger taste profile, such as that from the New York strip, while also enjoying a more tender texture a la filet mignon. 

Rack of Lamb 

The Rack of Lamb is a special cut that cuts along the contour of the ribs and at an angle that comes up to a specific rib. It’s one of the nicest presentations on a plate and is juicy and tender with the bone left in for both presentation and flavor. 

Prime Rib 

Prime rib is carefully chosen based on a few standards, including the amount of fat on the cut and the age of the cow. Looking at the marbling will allow inspectors to verify that it is going to be both moist and tender, keeping all the flavorful components available to diners. The more marbling visible on the cut of meat, the better grade it will get. Most prime ribs are cut from younger animals, as younger animals have smaller, more tender muscles. This means that steaks will be softer and juicier without the tough, gristly parts sometimes found from older cattle. This cut is from the 6th rib through the 12th rib. 

Boneless Cuts 

Filet Mignon (petite: 6oz, standard: 10oz) 

Filet Mignon is quintessential luxury! It’s the tender end of the short loin and is a versatile cut that can be prepared in various ways. Most people like the soft, buttery texture, but some think it’s too soft. We offer a petite 6-ounce cut and a standard 10-ounce portion. 

Prime New York Strip 

The same as the bone-in variety, without the bone. It will have marbled lines to show the quality of meat. It is from the larger end of the short loin, opposite the filet mignon. 

Wagyu New York Strip 

Wagyu is a Japanese beef that is renowned the world over. It is considered to be the best and priciest meat that you can buy. It has exceptional marbling, incredible tenderness, and a flavor worth gushing about. The cattle from which the meat comes are carefully tended to, with quality coming from both genetic selection and specialty feeding. Wagyu is raved about by chefs and diners the world over. The quality of this cattle is unbeatable, and the Wagyu New York Strip is a cut that enables diners to experience something special and delicious. 

Bison Ribeye 

These cuts are like the other ribeye cuts, minus the bone, and instead of coming from cattle, it is cut from bison. 

Japanese A5-9 Wagyu 

This cut is still an indulgence in Wagyu beef, but it’s more exquisite due to the location from where it is cut from the ribs. It still offers subtle umami flavors, buttery textures, and incredible tenderness due to the intramuscular marbled streaks of fat. 

For a unique and unmatched dining experience, join us at Bourbon & Bones in Scottsdale, Arizona. We recommend making a reservation and referring to our dress code for the best experience. 

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