What Makes a Great Wine Bar in Scottsdale

Are you getting tired of the same old standbys for dining out? Then it’s time to look into your other restaurant options in Scottsdale, Arizona. But you’ll want to be sure that the place you try is a new favorite instead of a total bust. Read on below to find out what to look for when it comes to choosing the best wine bars in Scottsdale.

Great Wine Selection, Of Course!

To start by stating the obvious … a good Scottsdale wine bar needs to have a good selection of wine. You don’t want to end up at a wine bar that has very few options or has mostly poor-tasting wine. You should be specifically looking for a place that has a large selection of wine and one with plenty of variety. This can mean offering wine from numerous different regions as well.

You won’t find a better selection of wine in Scottsdale than we have at Bourbon & Bones. From sparkling to sauvignon blanc to pinot noir, chardonnay, and many other types of white and red. Our list is extensive—a wine lover’s dream—and we also have some of the best wines in the world. This includes wines you won’t find anywhere else in the area.

Another extra we have here at Bourbon & Bones is the Coravin wine preservation system. If you order a bottle of wine, the Coravin system allows you to take the rest of the bottle home in ideal condition.

If you or someone you’re dining with isn’t a wine fan, there’s still plenty of quality options available. As you’d expect from the name, there is also an incredible selection of bourbon. Plus, there are cocktails and plenty of craft beers to choose from—truly something for every taste.

Varied Menu

When you’re looking for a wine bar to try in Scottsdale, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t just have good wine but also great food. Plus, the food should absolutely complement the wine selections. And make sure the menu at this restaurant includes the freshest, most high-quality ingredients.

A Scottsdale wine bar that caters to multiple different tastes is great as well: quality steak for meat lovers, options from the ocean for seafood fans, and even soups and salads. And you’ll also want to be sure the side dishes are as good as the main entrées.

Delicious Desserts

You’ll want to make sure the dessert menu has a number of options to choose from. Bourbon & Bones has a wide selection on our dessert menu. From bread pudding to cheesecake to warm apple crumble to ice cream, there’s something for every guest, occasion, or even time of year. Make return visits to Bourbon & Bones and try them all.

We also have specialty dessert drinks, including both dessert wine and dessert brandy options. For those who don’t want an alcoholic drink with dessert, there’s also coffee selections, including lattes and Americanos.

Fun, Lively Atmosphere

A good dining experience isn’t just about the food. You should also consider the atmosphere at a wine bar in Scottsdale, which can really make all the difference. This could include everything from music to décor. Ideally, the elements will combine to create an atmosphere that’s comfortable yet refined. A Scottsdale wine bar with a cold, unwelcoming feel, or one that’s too scattered and messy, isn’t the type you’ll want to make a return visit to. That’s another reason to check us out at Bourbon & Bones. The ambiance is very modern—casual enough for a relaxing meal yet also still elegant.

Adaptable for Different Occasions

The ideal Scottsdale wine bar should be a go-to spot for different occasions. This could be a work event, a family dinner, a romantic evening, or an outing with friends. Look for wine bars that have happy hours, which are ideal for meetups. By going to Bourbon & Bones, you’ll be able to experience one of the best happy hours in Old Town Scottsdale.

This is another instance where a wide selection of wine comes in handy. You may want to drink one type of wine on a date and another type during a girls’ night out. Don’t settle for limited options!

Helpful, Considerate Staff

No matter what type of drink you’re into, another thing you should look for regarding wine bars in Scottsdale is a knowledgeable staff. When there are so many options, you’ll want an experienced staff to provide some good suggestions. This includes knowing which menu items will pair best with certain types of wine. You don’t want a server who has no idea about wine or other types of alcohol.

And when it comes to cocktails, you’ll want them to be created by renowned mixologists. Luckily, you can find this experienced staff working at Bourbon & Bones. We have a great staff all around, including an in-house sommelier.

Location, Location, Location!

The right location can turn a wine bar meal into a whole evening experience—whether it’s proximity to museums or shopping, a night club to go to afterward, or just a great area for taking a relaxing stroll after eating. Bourbon & Bones has a perfect location as we’re right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Our location is just one of the many things that make us the ideal wine bar in this area.

As you can see, all of the elements that make up a perfect wine bar are here at Bourbon & Bones. Interested in checking us out? You can find plenty more information on this Scottsdale wine bar on our website. There, you can find all our menus, make a reservation, and even order gift cards. You can also sign up to become a VIP, which means you’ll receive updates on all sorts of things, from new menu items to upcoming events. We look forward to becoming your favorite wine bar in Scottsdale!

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